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Ms Melody Chew


Education is personal for Miss Melody. Trained as a teacher at the prestigious National University of Singapore, her career was put on hold to raise her own children. Her passion for special needs education came about when she discovered her 2nd son was ‘special’. As principal, she strives to enrich the educational experience of all students here in Lighthouse Academy.

  • Bachelor of Arts (National University of Singapore) majoring in Mathematics and Geography

  • Diploma of Education (Institute of Education, Singapore)

  • Master in Christian Ministry with counselling modules

  • Over 3 decades of Teaching, Counselling and Student Motivation in  Singapore, British and American International schools

  • ACE School of Tomorrow Certified School Administrator

  • International Certificate of Christian Education School Moderator

  • Certified Piano Instructor (ABRSM)

Lighthouse Academy _DSC4577 February 09, 2018.jpg
Dr Chew Yu Gee


A paediatrician with a special interest in childhood and adolescent development, Dr Chew’s innate love for children was a major catalyst for the formation of our school back in 2012.

Lighthouse Academy _DSC4291 January 24, 2018.jpg
Pr Vinson Simbaku

Pastor & Head of Science

At first glance, Pr Vinson may seem like an unassuming demure man. One could never be so wrong. Our senior students line up to meet him for questions on chemistry, mathematics, theology and other advance subjects. He is our go to man when things break or fail or when student’s questions wrack our minds.

Ms Magarate Joseph-01.jpeg
Ms Margaret Joseph

Head of Special Needs

Ms Margaret has been working in the field of special needs for 30 years and continues to do so with passion and optimism. She currently serves as coordinator of the special needs program (fondly known as the Achievers), leading with great dedication.

Lighthouse Academy _DSC4574 February 08, 2018.jpg
Ms Sylvian

Special-Needs Senior Advisor

Our school’s expert on all matters regarding special needs, Miss Sylvian has been one of the driving forces of our special needs program. A veteran in the field of special needs education, she regularly comes to our school where she advises and is consulted for guidance.

Lighthouse Academy _DSC4281 January 24, 2018.jpg
Pr Jerome Raj


Pr Jerome holds a Bachelor in Theology and continues to show his passion for the youth in everything he does. He is currently involved in our special needs program, where his innovative methods and intimate connection with children are fully brought to bear. Having received his diploma in Neuro-Dramatic Play, you may find him telling the children stories, with socks hanging from his ears.

Lighthouse Academy _DSC4542 February 07, 2018.jpg
Ms Rebecca Lam

Beyond meeting student's academic needs and parents' requirements, Ms Rebecca's main motivation and passion comes from the joy of witnessing each child grow in confidence and discover their potential. With her wide variety of experiences from raising her three children and previously heading the pre-school department, Ms Rebecca is more than pleased and ready to serve.

Ms Ee Lynn-01.jpeg
Ms Ee Lynn

Ms Ee Lynn is an enthusiastic and committed educator who enjoys working with children. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and Master of Education (Developmental Psychology). She has previously worked with a NGO which focused on individualized interventions for special needs children. Together with Ms Margaret and the rest of the Achievers staff, Ms Ee Lynn works to ensure the program continues to bring quality education experience for all.

Ms Praveena-01.jpeg
Ms Praveena Uthayakumar

Aside from her Bachelor of International Business Honours, Ms Pree has also completed 1 year of teacher’s training course in Education Human Value. She has been involved in the field of education for the past 5 years under an NGO social service channel. Currently teaching at Lighthouse Academy in the special needs department, she continues to work hard for the social and academic growth and development of every child under her supervision and care.

Ms Samantha-01.jpeg
Ms Samantha Ooi

Ms Samantha graduated from Disted College Penang with a Bachelor of Psychology. Before joining as a full-time special needs educator, she was an intern at Lighthouse Academy in 2016 so she is well-acquainted with the program. In her 3 years of teaching career, Samantha has taught children aged 2 to 13 years in a range of educational settings, including short-term ESL camps and early education programs. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression as her forte is arts and craft. Her teaching philosophy: Children learn best when they are having fun.

Mr Yashvindev-01.jpeg
Mr Yashvindev Selvaraj

Mr Yashvindev, more commonly known as Mr Yash, has completed his Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and is experienced in teaching a wide age range of students. With his belief in flexibility as an important part of education, he hopes to focus on ensuring that every child’s learning styles and abilities are fully considered in their journey to success. 

Mr Megaaneesh-01.jpeg
Mr Megaaneesh Sundrasagran

A psychology graduate, with two years of experience in the field of special needs education with Lighthouse Academy. He admits that working with Lighthouse Academy has allowed him to recognize the great potential in each child, and hopes to inspire others to see it, too.

Lighthouse Academy _DSC4298 January 25, 2018.jpg
Mr Richard Sanjeevwa

Living with much dissatisfaction in his previous accountancy job, Mr Richard could not pass the opportunity to work with us and teach. Now he wakes up everyday, praying that it is not a dream. He has discovered a passion, teaching and counselling our young students.

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