Ms Melody Chew


Education is personal for Miss Melody. Trained as a teacher at the prestigious National University of Singapore, her career was put on hold to raise her own children. Her passion for special needs education came about when she discovered her 2nd son was ‘special’. As principal, she strives to enrich the educational experience of all students here in Lighthouse Academy.

  • Bachelor of Arts (National University of Singapore) majoring in Mathematics and Geography

  • Diploma of Education (Institute of Education, Singapore)

  • Master in Christian Ministry with counselling modules

  • Over 3 decades of Teaching, Counselling and Student Motivation in  Singapore, British and American International schools

  • ACE School of Tomorrow Certified School Administrator

  • International Certificate of Christian Education School Moderator

  • Piano Instructor (ABRSM)

Ms Huss

Head of Special-Needs

Affectionately called ‘Teacher Haas’, Miss Haas has a wealth of experience, being in the field of special needs education for more than 15 years. It is no surprise that she is our head of the special needs program here in Lighthouse.

Dr Chew Yu Gee


A paediatrician with a special interest in childhood and adolescent development, Dr Chew’s innate love for children was a major catalyst for the formation of our school back in 2012.

Pr Vinson Simbaku


At first glance, Pr Vinson may seem like an unassuming demure man. One could never be so wrong. Our senior students line up to meet him for questions on chemistry, mathematics, theology and other advance subjects. He is our go to man when things break or fail or when student’s questions wrack our minds.

Rebecca Lam

Pre-School Principal

Since joining Lighthouse Academy, Kris Ward has consistently brought a passion and dedication with them each day. You will find your place right away in any class taught by Kris Ward.

Ms Sylvian

Special-Needs senior advisor

Our school’s expert on all matters regarding special needs, Miss Sylvian has been one of the driving forces of our special needs program. A veteran in the field of special needs education, she regularly comes to our school where she advises and is consulted for guidance.

Pr Robert Liaw


Pr Robert, along with Pr Jerome were sponsored to study theology in the Philippines. Pr Robert is a charismatic young pastor, working in our intermediary class, where he regularly inspires and connects with our young ones there. Empathetic to the experiences of our students, he is a favourite go to for advice and council.

Pr Jerome Raj


Pr Jerome, along with Pr Robert were sponsored to study theology in the Philippines. He is currently involved in our special needs program, where his innovative methods and intimate connection with children are fully brought to bear. You may find him telling the children stories, with socks hanging from his ears.

Mr Richard Anderson

Head of Primary

Living with much dissatisfaction in his previous accountancy job, Mr Richard could not pass the opportunity to work with us and teach. Now he wakes up everyday, praying that it is not a dream. He has discovered a passion, teaching and counselling our young students.

Mr Wallace Tan


Our discipline master will be found on the prowl around school with a stoic cold face. It is all part of the task of ensuring our students behave. “Only then can learning happen” he says. Mr Wallace confesses that he has learnt to put up a hard front. Speaking to him in a more casual setting will reveal a talkative, fun-loving person.


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