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Teaching Internships

Immersive experiences for aspiring teachers and psychologists - an active internship program

Lighthouse Academy provides an unrivalled internship experience for undergraduate students in education-related fields, such as psychology and education. We have an established program that has a yearly intake of intern students from local and international tertiary institutions. This program is unique because of the integrated philosophy of the school - because everyone deserves to belong'. Both mainstream and special needs students are equally valued, and our integrated curriculum produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage.

This varied educational environment and our holistic approach will provide substantial work experience that will provide the foundation for a well-rounded and fulfilling career.  


Our selection criteria is simple - we want passionate and keen graduates who are able to think out of the box. Each intern becomes a valuable and indispensable part of our enthusiastic team - he or she gets to utilise his/her unique skillset to further enhance the learning experience in a classroom setting. And the experience extends beyond classroom to many fun outdoor activities designed specifically for Lighthouse Academy students! 


Depending on the time of the year, student Interns will also have additional projects - we organise a yearly summer holiday program for foreign students - a fantastic opportunity to mentor international students and gain invaluable experience.  


Throughout all these programs, you will be supervised by our experienced and passionate teachers. Ongoing constructive feedback and a mentoring culture will ensure you leave Lighthouse Academy with exceptional credentials. You will leave with your head held high, ready to change the world, one child at a time. 

Please contact us for further information and we will be glad to answer any questions. 

Beach Activities
Making Local Snacks (Onde-Onde)
Play-Dough English Activity
Orientation for Korean Students
Volcano Explosion Activity


Raymond Hun (Disted University College Intern 2017)

Challenges...a fulfilling me the chance to expand my capacity to work, also, given me the space to stretch and grow as a person.

I definitely would recommend upcoming interns to apply their internship here, as a senior now, I am looking forward to sharing this very uplifting experience of mine to people who loves more than teaching, but more to loving people and sharing part of themselves and serving people. 

Lighthouse Academy is more than just a school, it is a family, where everyone is loved and accepted without conditions.

Thank you, again, for this wonderful and unforgettable opportunity!


Cynthia Kueh (UTAR, Kampar 2018)

I would definitely recommend future interns to consider Lighthouse Academy as a place of internship as there is much to learn. The environment is very enjoyable and because the academy is by the beach, one gets an amazing seaview! (which in my opinion is pretty great).. I sincerely believe that one will enjoy interning here because I certainly did. 

Jolene Leo (Disted Univerisity College Intern 2017) 

“My first experience working with the special needs has taught me so much about them and certainly enlightened me in various areas in life. I would say as the children learnt from me, I’ve learnt equally as much from them. Bidding farewell was not easy but I’m glad to be given such a heart-warming experience.”


Priya (Disted Univerisity College Intern 2017) 

….One moment that I will always cherish is the interns' farewell announcement day where my students were emotional and keep questioning me if I will be leaving. Some of them even shed tears. I think that is my ultimate happiness in LHA. I've made a connection and a beautiful bond that cannot be explained through words. The teachers were also emotional and expressed their feelings to us.

Daryl Goh (UTAR, Kampar 2018)

I would encourage other interns to come to Lighthouse Academy for their internship. One of the reasons is being able to work in a great and challenging environment. The other reason is having the opportunity to work with special needs individuals as it is a great experience and it also allows people to raise their awareness regarding special education. 

Yuqi (Intern Monash University 2018)

..opportunity to apply my knowledge of psychology in teaching and guiding the students.

The experience and memories are way more than our expectations.  Last but not least, when I left LHA, I felt like leaving my second home. Thank you Ms.Melody, teachers and students for making me feel like a family.

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